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Discover Your Inner Design With Chinese Face Reading! with Bestselling Author Jean Haner

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Discover Your Inner Design With Chinese Face Reading! with Bestselling Author Jean Haner

Did you know that you have a unique inner design, like your own personal map that you can use to navigate your life?

This map can help you find love, discover your purpose, solve problems, make decisions and always be true to your nature.

Tune-in to this fascinating episode and find out what your face has to say about your destiny.


Jean Haner is the author of 3 books about Chinese face reading and birth date reading that teach compassionate and affirming ways for people to understand their true nature and to feel love for everyone in their lives, including that reflection in the mirror.

Jean married into a Chinese family when she was in her 20s, and began to learn about Chinese culture, philosophy and medicine from her very traditional mother-in-law. It wasn’t until after her wedding that she discovered the family had her face and birthdate evaluated to see if she was a “lucky” match for her husband, and that even the date and time of the ceremony had been determined according to what would bring the most luck for the family.

She went on to study the deeper foundations of these ancient principles of balance and health with many teachers over the years, and learned that it has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with learning to be true to your nature.

Jean is well known for providing fascinating and practical information that can be put to immediate use in your life. Learn more at https://www.jeanhaner.com

Website: jeanhaner.com

Jean’s Twitter Handle: @JEANHANER

Jean’s Facebook Handle: FAN PAGE IS ‘JEAN HANER AUTHOR’


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