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How to Help Kids Live a Journey of Joy with Beth Donnelly and Dagny Grant

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How to Help Kids Live a Journey of Joy with Beth Donnelly and Dagny Grant

Join me for a wonderful conversation with Beth Donnelly and Dagny Grant who have devoted their lives to  helping empower children to:

Find a greater sense of self-esteem
More joy and playfulness
Live in the moment

 Handle disappointment
Have more empathy toward others

Respect animals

And so much more!

Tune-in and find out how you can help the children in your life live their journeys of joy.

Joint Bio

Beth Donnelly and Dagny Grant, co-hosts of ‘Echoes of the Universe’ radio show, are co-authors of the international best-selling “Journey of Joy Series” owned and produced by Matrix Productions.   Matrix Productions is a multi-media company having a global impact on those ready to expand their awareness of the connection between mind, body and spirit.  Through their publication of books, on-line classes, videos and webinars, they produce tools that will shape the thoughts and hearts of like-minded people.  They also affiliate with highly recommended transformational programs.

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