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Love Never Dies Radio Show

Love Never Dies Radio Show Archives

The Love Never Dies show was the most listened to hour on Hay House radio network for nearly 3 years.

This show is based on Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased, Dr. Turndorf's number one Hay House international bestseller.

Discovering for herself that we don't die, Dr. Turndorf created her groundbreaking Trans-Dimensional Grief Resolution method that guides the bereaved to say hello not good-bye to loved ones in spirit. Tune-in and learn how to reconnect with your loved ones in spirit to heal unfinished business and obtain guidance on the your path to healing and prosperity in every area of your life.

Shows are archived here on the weekend following the live show airing.

The only power worth having is "knowing," according to Dr. Richard London, who is known as the Father of Wisdom.

Dr. London will discuss his many solutions and tools for helping you to know what your future looks and feels like; and how to create a normal, happy, ease-filled, productive life filled with wellness and wealth.


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Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, a diagnosis, a world crisis, abuse, infidelity, a sudden financial shift, divorce, empty-nesting, or even menopause, there are times in all of our lives when we find ourselves without mooring. All that we’ve relied on is gone, and that which we knew to be true, isn’t. We find ourselves unsure about...

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The 528 Hz Frequency has been found to facilitate beautiful effects in our lives. After learning how to tune his harp so that it plays music with 528 Hz dominance and beginning to record music with that  frequency, Steve has been amazed at the testimonies he has received from those...

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The Cure For Cancer Is PREVENTION.

Join me and Leigh Erin Connealy, MD to find out:

How you can tell if you've really beat cancer

What is the 10-year cancer timeline

How to prevent breast cancer and why routine mammograms have not saved lives

What doctors don’t tell you about circulating cancer stem cells...

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Internationally recognized thought leader and Hay House author Rick Tamlyn will present Play Your Bigger Game.

Rick will share his Bigger Game methodology, a tool that inspires leaders worldwide to get out of their comfort zones and create intentional positive change.

Tamlyn believes that if you focus on your “Bigger Game,” rather...

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Join me for a life-changing conversation with my buddy Bernie Siegel about the truth about what we call coincidences, life after life, the survival of consciousness, immortality, NDEs, past lives, and self-induced healing.

Don't miss this amazing show.


Dr. Siegel, who prefers to be called Bernie, not Dr. Siegel, was...

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Do you toss and turn in the wee hours worrying that your partner could one day stray—or, worse, that he/she is on the verge of straying? Or has your relationship fallen prey to cheating in the past and are you worried it’s going to happen again?

Have no fear. Your relationship doesn’t have to go down the tubes! In this show, I’m going to...

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Most of us don't realize that even the "organic" foods and products we consume are loaded with substances that are toxic to our health and the health of the planet.

Zen Honeycutt, founder of Unstoppable Moms Across America, has launched a new gold standard to shift the marketplace for a healthier planet.

Her Multi-tiered...

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Growing research shows that glyphosate, one of the most widely used herbicides in the US, causes cancer according to advocate Erin Brockovich.

Chemical residues of this chemical can be found in our food and water.

The EPA Allowable Daily Intake (ADI) for glyphosate is set at 1,750 µg (1.75 mg) per kg of bodyweight. and the EWG's...

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At 60 Sandy Sanderson can say confidently that she's living the dream and loving it, but life wasn’t always so good. 

If it weren’t for the challenges and the tough times she doubts whether she would have arrived at this point… Sandy gives thanks to all the systemic ignorance, economic disasters...

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