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Love Never Dies Radio Show

Love Never Dies Radio Show Archives

The Love Never Dies show was the most listened to hour on Hay House radio network for nearly 3 years.

This show is based on Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased, Dr. Turndorf's number one Hay House international bestseller.

Discovering for herself that we don't die, Dr. Turndorf created her groundbreaking Trans-Dimensional Grief Resolution method that guides the bereaved to say hello not good-bye to loved ones in spirit. Tune-in and learn how to reconnect with your loved ones in spirit to heal unfinished business and obtain guidance on the your path to healing and prosperity in every area of your life.

Shows are archived here on the weekend following the live show airing.

Could you have undetected heart disease?

In this episode, we will be discussing the symptoms and risk factors of cardiovascular disease, heart rhythm disturbances and/or myocarditis (inflammation of the heart)? 

We will also investigate why we are currently facing an unusual...

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Comfort You is a song, a video, and an inspiration for a global movement for our human family to connect in a new way. Soul Twin Messiah, who wrote and recorded the song, have planted the seed and created the hashtag #comfortyou as a gathering place for all who feel attracted to the idea that offering comfort, support, and LOVE to one...

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Healthcare is corrupt. The US is the worst.  Dr. Yoho says, "The situation with Covid, fraudulent vaccines, and the concealed therapies is the same story written large and on a world stage. We are dealing with criminals."


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There is a tiny gland linked to the ageing process. It controls how fast we age and how fast the body deteriorates. All cultures have revered this tiny gland as the seat of the soul and the third eye. It's called the pineal gland and "sees" beyond the physical view of our first two eyes, accounting for our sixth sense ability - our intuition....

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Experiencing fear seems to be part and parcel of being human. However, did you know that holding onto fear -- even for a few moments -- can create a wound in your spiritual body? Over time the wounds of fear can change your spiritual frequency, lower your immune system, and deleteriously...

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Our blood forms rivers of life in our body.

We need some blood clotting ability so that our blood doesn't all spill out of our vessels in the case of punctures.

However, if something goes wrong with this system we can develop too much clotting, which is called thrombosis.

This is where the river and estuaries can become...

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Do you know how to tell whether you and your heart throb are compatible or just enjoying good chemistry?

What does dating mean to men versus women?

How can a woman with high standards succeed in finding the right love partner...

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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has spent more than 2,000 hours researching and documenting the 20 mechanisms of injury that can result from the COVID-19 injection.

Tenpenny says, "Celebrity influencers, monetary incentives, employer threats, travel restrictions and flat out lies by media and politicians are...

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Did you know that it's absolutely normal to feel depressed from time to time? We can all have challenges and circumstances that knock us off our feet, make us feel vulnerable, trapped or defeated. Depression can result from just being over-tired and worn out. If we know how, we can recover from these ebbs and flows of life without damaging...

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Are you concerned that your immune system may not be strong enough to withstand exposure to viruses? Did you know that high stress causes a drop in immune system virulence?

Although young people have strong immune defense against corona viruses, as we get older, the immune system can start to weaken - most especially if you have diabetes...

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