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This will make you believe that love never dies!

Here are 3 amazing videos that I excerpted to create this YouTube and Facebook video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_eEjRi1rJY

Here's how these videos came about.

On January 30, 2016, I had just completed my Love Never Dies retreat and decided to go to dinner.

After dinner, walking back to my car, I sensed my husband telling me that he was with me.

I looked up and the lights on an abandoned commercial building suddenly went off. 

I said to my husband, "If that's you, turn the light back on." 

He instantly did!

Again, I said, "If you're here with me, turn the light back on." 

Again, he did!

I recorded his turning the light on and off at my command for several minutes.

I came back the following night and recorded two more videos. 

Some people are wondering if the lights in these videos could be motion sensors that were going on each time motion was detected. 

First off, these lights are high up along the roof. What could pass in front of a motion sensor that is mounted this high up? If there were something passing in front of the lights, that "something" would have shown up on my video!

In fact, these lights are not motion detector lights; they are photo sensing lights that turn on at dusk.

Some people have also wondered if the bulbs themselves were flickering on and off because the bulbs were bad.

Take a look at the timing of the on/off sequences. The on/offs don't happen at random or at a regular time interval. The lights go on and off each time I ask my husband to turn them on and off.

Watch all 3 videos and you will see the number of on/off repetitions in response to my requests can't be chalked up to chance!

These videos prove that love never dies! After losing my husband of 27 years, I developed a new method that helped me reconnect with my beloved husband, Jean.

Many people asked me to record what was happening after they witnessed Jean's signs. On this night, I decided to heed this request. These manifestations are not meant solely for me, but for anyone who is longing to reconnect with loved ones in spirit.