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Unusual Fetish

Hi Dr LoveI just met a guy and he is lovely but straight away he confided he is turned on by urination, Im not disgusted by this but im also not turned on by it and I get the impression that it is the only thing that can get him off, he more or less admited that. Sex is very important to me and I feel like his fantasy is very limiting if he cant get off on my body alone or other things apart from urination, am I wasting my time seeing him again do you think this is something that he cant control, I wouldn't mind going with his fetish the odd time but I dont think i can handle he having to think about pee just to orgasm, it makes me feel like I dont even need to be there


 What a great question!

I can actually say that this is the first time that someone has posed this question to me here at!

A fetish or paraphilia (meaning outside normal love) refers to the way some people get turned on by a specific physical object or scenario.

It’s important to understand that fetishes can range from innocuous enhancements to the sexual play, as is the case of someone who gets turned on by the occasional use of leather or fur to the other end of the spectrum in which a person is unable to get turned on without the fetish. In the latter case, the fetish severely interferes with the fetishist’s life and relationships. 

It sounds like your guy, nice as he may be, sounds as though he falls into the latter category. In other words, his fetish is truly crippling his life.

So, to get to the question that you asked me, “Is this something he can control?”

Because you said that you get the impression that it is the only thing that can get him off, then my answer is no, he can’t control it.

It’s obvious you’re already pissed off at the prospect of his wiping you out of the equation (I don’t even need to be there).

So, the bottom line is this: If you don’t want to be turned into a human toilet bowl, then, I’m afraid this guy isn’t for you!

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