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Is There Hope?

I have been on my own for about 18yrs i had two great loves in my life both ended not on a good note. I feel that i am unable to find someone. there is nobody i am intrested in i feel like something is missing in me, i don"t feel lonely or wishing i had someone i am ok on my own but it would be nice to have somebody that loved me or me love them, or am i ment to spend my days partner less. any advice would be great something i can do becasue i feel its my faultthank you


I read that you feel that it's your fault that you're alone. This word "fault" really caught my attention. I started reflecting on why you used this word and realized that this is coming from a very young place within yourself. I'm betting that you were made to feel bad and wrong as a young girl. The feelings we have as a young child hang on kind of like the cloud that surrounded Pigpen in the Charlie Brown comic series. Then, the feelings become a self-fulfilling prophesy. In your case, you feel to blame and then relationships end badly and then you are even more convinced that it's your fault. To break free, we need to uncover the source of this feeling and heal it. Read my first Hay House book "Kiss Your Fights" and you will be clearer on the Old Scar that your'e carrying. Then, the book will guide you to heal it. Once you're healed, you will send out a different vibe and, in turn, you will draw a different kind of relationship into your life. Also, make sure to surround yourself with loving people who help you to remember that it isn't your fault. Hang in there. We have all been put on this earth to love and be loved, and that includes you!





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