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The Right Way to Leave a Relationship with Jayson Gaddis

Wednesday, October 8th at 1PM EST


Some relationships are meant to last a lifetime and beyond.

And, sometimes people come into our lives for a brief time to assist us in learning an important lesson, and then they move on.

The real question is: How can you tell which relationships are meant to last…

And when it’s time to call it quits on a relationship?

Is fighting a sign that it’s time to say good-bye?

Not always!

Many fighting couples wrongly assume that they’re incompatible and that they should break up.

But, believe it or not, fighting isn’t usually caused by incompatibility. In fact, very compatible couples fight because they’re carrying Old Scars--the secret cause of most relationship fighting. And, when the Old Scars get healed (that’s what my book Kiss Your Fights Good-bye is all about) the fighting just goes away.

The best way to heal our Old Scars is to use our partners and our relationship to assist our healing efforts. If you don’t do this, and you take a hike, you’re just going to carry your Old Scars into the next relationship, and you’ll end up right where you started again.

I know a lot of couples think that they’ve done all they can. Maybe they’ve tried couples therapy and still they aren’t doing well.

Remember, not all couples therapy is created equal. I see a lot of couples who have done lots of couples therapy and gotten nowhere.

You need to make sure that you’re putting your efforts in the right place, and doing what works!

So, let’s say you’ve given it your best shot, and you’ve done your best to heal your Old Scars, and still the relationship doesn’t work.

How do you know when it’s time to say good-bye?

And, what is the correct way to end your relationship so that you don’t do yourself and your partner harm?


How can you actually grow from the break-up and become more, rather than less, open to love.

These are the questions that I’m going to be tackling with Jayson Gaddis, a relationship expert and a breakthrough marriage coach. Jayson helps individuals and couples get unstuck, and eliminate the blocks to having empowered, mature relationships. He’s on the planet to help people master love and relationship. He’s a husband and part-time stay-at-home dad getting schooled by his two cosmic kids.


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