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"When Helen and I were fighting, we saw the top couples therapists, to no avail. If we ever get into trouble again, we’re calling you!" -Dr. Harville HendrixNew York Times best-selling author of Getting the Love You Want and Founder of Imago Relationship Therapy.

For the past thirty-three years, I've been helping people resolve incredibly tough relationship issues.

Since the advent of the Internet and my creation of Ask Dr. Love, I've had the privilege of being able to widen my reach and help people from all over the world resolve their issues via email.

Now is your chance to give yourself this special gift of healing.

Rest assured, your privacy will be totally respected. I am the only person who will read and respond to your question, and it will never be published on this website.

So relax and open your heart to me. 

When composing your question, please do your best to formulate a clear and concise description of your problem and your question. 

In my written response, I don't limit my answers to a particular number of sentences or paragraphs, nor do I put a ceiling on the time that I spend answering you. I will devote as much time as I feel is needed to thoroughly respond to your question.

Please note: I usually respond within 48 hours. However, if your question is submitted late on Friday, or during the weekend, then you will probably receive your answer early the following week.

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