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Communicating With My Father

Dear Dr. Love,My father died suddenly when I was a little girl age 7. Since then I sometimes feel he is guiding me but I question it and feel I am making it up. I am age 65 now and would like so much to know it is really him talking to me because I miss him so much. Right now I especially would like to connect with him because I just lost my job and have some health challenges. How do I know it is really him or just my own wishful thinking?Thank you very much.


What a great question.

I understand you miss your Dad, but the good news is that reconnecting with him is going to transform your missing and longing into the joy of reconnecting.

Your first question to me was how can you trust that you're actually hearing from him.

Believe it or not, I get asked this question very often.

To sidetrack for a moment, if you listen to my 11/11 show on Hay House radio, you will hear an amazing call with a woman whose Dad left his body decades ago. Her problem was that she continued to harbor angry feelings toward him for the way he treated her and spoke to her especially after he became ill.

On air, we used my Dialoguing with the Departed technique and the most wonderful thing happened: I watched decades of resentment melt in front of my eyes (or ears).

Your first of order of business is reestablish a dialogue with your Dad. 

My new Hay House book "Love Never Dies" shows you how to do this. 

As you practice dialoguing you are going to get better and better at it. For example, in one of the groups that I run, I helped a woman begin a dialogue with her Dad who abused her sexually and then left home. She never had contact with him again. But, we reconnected with him in spirit form.

At first, she heard only a snippet of his communication. I heard the entire sentence and filled in the blanks. Then, in no time, she was coasting on her own and dialoguing with him without assistance from me. 

Here's what you need to do. Read Love Never Dies and start practising dialoguing with him.

My book and method has already helped so many people reconnect with deceased parents. It will help you too. 

And don't worry; time doesn't matter. It's never too late to reconnect and reestablish a connection.

So, I suggest you read the book and put the exercises into place.

After you read the book, if you want to work with me live and get some confirmation, you can join my new Love Club where I am helping small groups reconnect and dialogue with loved ones in spirit. 

You can also reach out to me in my private consulting division if you want one-on-one help from me.

Also, feel free to reach out to me live on my Hay House show on Tuesdays at 9AM PST if you want to talk live with me.

Looking forward to connecting with you.


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