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we don't die

The Upside of Being Trapped at Home

I always look for the upside to every downturn in my life.

Then it hit me: There is an overlooked upside to the mandatory self-isolation.

Now that you're not rushing every minute, you can truly open your eyes, perhaps for the first time in your life, and see the signs of spirit that you've been missing.

For example, the other day I was doing a Zoom session with my beloved coach, Candi.

Jean, my husband in spirit, often reminds her that he's watching over her through wild animals, especially male cardinals.

How to Mine the Coronavirus Self-Quarantines to Make Your Relationships Stronger

Most of the world is trembling under a deathly fear of contracting the COVID-19 virus.

Given the mandatory and voluntary self-quarantining and social distancing that's happening worldwide, families are trapped in closed quarters. Result: Fights with those we love most are much more likely to occur.

Fighting drastically lowers immune function, so we need to nip your fights in the bud.

Plus, relationships are like rubber bands. They can only be stretched so far until they snap. And you can't put a broken rubber band back together!

If You're Drowning in Self-Pity, Lift the Needle!

If you're grieving the bodily loss of a loved one, I know how easy it is to fall into a pit of self-pity.

But, when we're wallowing in self-pity, we blind ourselves to all the ways that our loved ones are reaching out and reminding us that they are still here!

During periods of distress, especially in the early days of my bereavement, I found myself unable to receive communications from Jean. I believe that the signs of his presence were still being transmitted, but I was too upset to notice.

Those Suffering From Alzheimer's and Dementia Are Already in Spirit!

In mid-August I spent a day at Lily Dale Assembly (the largest spiritualist community in America). I was teaching people how to establish a spiritual reconnection with their physically departed loved ones.

Helping all the participants establish afterlife communication with loved ones in spirit was magical. I was so thrilled to be able to assist so many people in reconnecting, dialoguing with their loved ones, and healing unfinished business.

After my talk and workshop, Jean led me to sit at the gazebo that juts out into the lake. 

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