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after-death communication

Why Priests Don't Want You Reconnecting with Those in Spirit

Do you believe that reconnecting with loved ones in spirit is the same as opening the door to the devil?

If you said, “yes,” then I’m guessing you were raised in the Christian faith…

But, I bet you didn’t know that the Bible actually tells us that we should reconnect with those in spirit.

So, why on earth would the Church preach such nonsense that runs contrary to the teachings of the Bible?

If You're Crying Daily Over a Dead Loved One, You Have to Read This!

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from the assistant of a famous corporate leader, Dr. Lance Secretan. He just wrote his memoir, A Love Story, in which he describes his passionate, life-long romance with wife, Trish. Dr. Lance wanted to meet me because he had heard about my book, Love Never Dies, and knew that we have much in common.

We had a brief phone call and I invited him to come on Ask Dr. Love radio to talk about his life with Trish and their secret to a lifetime of passionate love.

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