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Ask Dr. Love Radio Show Archives

Feel free to listen to the archives of Ask Dr Love Radio with Dr. Jamie Turndorf.

Each weekly show may feature any of the following segments:

Discussion with a world famous expert. ..

Discussion of a common relationship issue or challenge and specific tips and techniques for handling it. .

Reading and discussion of the latest advice columns published on AskDrLove.com. .

“Celebrity Couch” in which Dr. Turndorf analyzes the relationship troubles and other scandals of celebrities. .

Answering of questions submitted to her weekly Ask Dr. Love Online Advice column, and “Reading Between The Sheets” where Dr. Turndorf puts your toughest sex questions to bed. .

Archived shows prior to February 12, 2015 when the Ask Doctor Love show premiered on Transformation Talk Radio are on BlogTalkRadio.com.

Shows are also available on iTunes.

While in previous shows I discussed The Chemistry of Conflict and Fight Traps, this week I'll explain how Old Scars from childhood cause relationship fighting. I show you how you and your partner can help each other identify and heal your Old Scars. When the wounds are healed, fighting magically disappears!  


In this episode, Dr. Jamie Turndorf explains how the naturally occurring fight-or-flight reaction in men contributes to relationship conflict and what you can do to cool it down and keep things positive. Every show features a discussion topic, recent questions from AskDrLove.com, special features, occasional guest experts, and of course, your calls!


Reknowned author and relationship expert Dr. Jamie Turndorf takes her popular AskDrLove.com free advice column to live radio to answer all of your relationship questions. This Episode features discussion of the article "How To Fight Right" from her most recent Psychology Today blog "We Can Work It Out."  In it, she shows various dysfunctional ways...
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Dr. Jamie Turndorf presents her Top Valentine's Day Guy's FAILS, discusses the age old question

"What is Love?", and answers your love and relationship questions live. Make this Valentine's Day

a success by keeping it light and remembering what it's truly all about.