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Question: Sexual Weakness

First of all, I know you think you need sex advice because you believe you have a sexual dysfunction. Let me start by saying that I don’t like your saying that you’re weak. Just saying this is enough to get your little head down.

Here are... read more

Question: He's Texting a Teen

This guy is dismissing your feelings. If you’re upset, he should be interested in understanding why and doing what he can to make you feel better.

Your red flags are flapping for a reason. You have more than one problem relationship... read more
Question: Messed Up, Still Want Him Back

My heart bled when I read your letter.

You said that the guy played you all along. The sad fact is you allowed him to do so.

From the start you have not treated yourself with respect. You allowed him to use you for sex, all the... read more

Question: Why Me?

Yes, you do need relationship advice! My first piece of advice is to tell you that all your relationships sound scripted. Like you know the beginning, middle and end before you turn the first page of a relationship. And, because you are sure of... read more

Question: Depressed Boyfriend

I hear that you are terrified that your relationship won’t survive his depression, hence why you want to help him feel better.

If you notice, you're the one asking for relationship... read more

Question: Not Sure What is Wrong

My heart goes out to you bigtime. I know that you feel defective because you’ve lived most of your life being disabled by anxiety and OCD. But guess what? We’re all physically and/or emotionally disabled in one way or another. All of us! And, as... read more

Question: Depressed Woman Who Has Lost Her Sex Drive

I totally understand your predicament and I'm glad you reached out to me for sex advice. You are really caught between a rock and a hard place (in more ways than one!). Your depression caused you to lose your sex drive and now the Zoloft is... read more

Question: Do I Have to Ask Him to Marry Me?

I couldn’t help but notice that you said you’ve been trying to be a better girlfriend. You said this sentence and then let it drop. This, to me, is a major clue. I can only assume that if you’ve trying to be better it’s because he’s told you that... read more

Question: Still in Love with My Ex But Already Attached to Another

I am so happy you met someone. I’m thrilled. Listen, if you met this guy on a dating website, he was on the site he was obviously searching for a lover or life partner, not a friend! We don’t tend to go to dating sites to find friends.

... read more

Question: Best Friends Forever...or Not...

He’s lucky to have such a devoted friend as you.

He must be feeling very hurt by whatever happened during the fight.

If he won’t talk to you, perhaps you could send him a letter. In the letter take full responsibility for your... read more