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Question: Gay Man Who Worries That His Boyfriend is Cheating
Question: Dated My Best Friend

Boy does this guy need some relationship advice!

The first thing I would do is ask him why he’s been acting so meanly since the break-up? Since you both agreed to be friends, what’s the need for all this animosity?

See what he says... read more

Question: She Won't Take Me Back. I'm So Lost Without Her

I am so sorry to hear how upset you are. Online dating and long distance relationships can be hell.

I hear that you are broken in half because you believe that you falsely accused this women and pushed away the love of your life.

... read more

Question: How Do I Confront My Wife About Claims That She Cheated on Me?
Question: About to Propose to My Surgeon

My best relationship advice to you is: “Keep your undies on!”

I get that you have a mad, passion for this man. 

I did hear your plan to seduce him in a hotel room.

I want you to know that approaching him in such a boldly... read more

Question: Man Afraid of Intimacy Due to Sexual Molestation in Childhood

I’m so sorry to hear about your struggle. As you have sadly discovered, the aftermath of childhood sexual abuse is long lasting.

I hear that you say living a gay lifestyle is not an option for you--perhaps because of the culture in which... read more

Question: Teenage Stepson

You really are having communication problems with your stepson. Of course, I understand that you were shocked by what was going on with the neighbor girl.

The most important thing is choosing a course of action that supports your... read more

Question: Husband Wants Divorce Never Loved Me 32 Years Later...

Gosh, I am heartsick over your story.

It’s just so hurtful to be told that he never loved you. I have to wondery why he telling you this now.

Is it possible that he’s only saying this to hurt you? Is it possible that he’s angry with... read more

Question: Wondering Why She’s Dead from the Waist Down

I believe I have the answer to your mystery. 

You mentioned that your girl’s sex drive abruptly stopped. I am betting that it’s the birth control pill that’s affecting her. I bet she wasn’t on the pill when you began your relationship. If... read more

Question: How to Ask a Guy with Commitment Issues What He Wants

When it comes to relartionship advice, the question you have asked me is one that I hear all the time. I understand that you are reluctant to be direct with him because you’re afraid to scare him off.

Your fear that he’s going to tell you... read more