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Question: I'm Stumped

You say that you sense that a repetition compulsion is operating for you, meaning that your relationship with your husband symbolically recreates a relationship with a parent who wasn't responsive to your emotional needs. This is a pretty serious... read more

Question: Is He Interested in More or Just a Fling?

First off, listen to what you told me:

You proposed sex to him in Spain and he refused because he knew you wanted a relationship and he didn’t want to hurt you--or... read more

Question: What Should I Do?
Question: Not Sure How To Read A Shy Guy...

Yeah the dude likes you all right. Here’s another instance where partial identification skills come in handy. Put yourself in his shoes and imagine how terrified the poor guy is. He likes you and doesn’t have a clue as to how to go about winning... read more

Question: Am I Urinating When I Orgasm?

You aren’t urinating! You are among the 35 to 50 percent of women who ejaculate when they orgasm.

It is believed that the fluid comes from the paraurethral ducts that surround the urethra and vagina.

Debate continues on this topic.... read more

Question: No Sex Drive

OK. This short little question is very involved. So let me break my answer down into parts.

First of all, you’re inserting your ego where it doesn’t belong, and taking his low sex-drive personally (as a sign that he’s suddenly not... read more

Question: How to Get My Ex Back?
Question: What is He Thinking??

You sound like such a sweetie who deserves to find a guy who adores her.

In answer to your question why he asked about the other guy. There are so many possibilites. He could simply be acting like a protective older brother. But the fact... read more

Question: Engaged BUT Not Happy

Oh my goodness. I totally understand your predicament. It sounds like the two of you are fine together, and that you have no doubt about your feelings for each other.

The problem is your families. It sounds like your greatest difficulty is... read more

Question: Boyfriend Cheated on Me. What Should I Do?

I was very upset in reading your letter. I know you’ve asked me for advice about him. But I’m more concerned about you! You were depressed before he came on the scene. He’s been a temporary drug that lifted your spirits. When you fell into this... read more