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Question: To Fight for Love, or Be Patient with Love?

How sweet of you to wish me well. Considering the trouble you're having, it says a lot about you that you took a moment to consider someone other than yourself!

You asked if "anyone" can offer tips, advice, etc. I want you to know that I'm... read more

Question: I Know He Loves Me but Gut is Driving me Crazy
Question: Hopelessly Devoted to A Cheater

I am heartbroken along with you. 

I know you said that you're sulking now, which means that you're in touch with feelings of sadness and hurt.

But guess what you're not feeling?


I am alarmed that you would even... read more

Question: Confused

You have been traumatized by this unexpected break up and you need to listen to your heart and do what you feel that you need to do in order to give you peace of mind. You asked me if it's normal to want to contact an ex. following a break-up.... read more

Question: Problems in Relationship

Boy, relationships can be heaven on earth or hell on wheels! I hear you want to get your ex back despite the fact that this girl is putting you through hell and back. I mean, this girl is really high maintenance. I do commend your efforts to... read more

Question: Bored Wife

Wow, what a mess! I hear that you’re awake, but, unfortunately, It feels to me like your wife is punishing you for all the years you were asleep! Now she’s dangling this other guy in front of your face and torturing you by repeatedly saying that... read more

Question: You Just Discovered that He Uses Viagra

You are in a self-imposed emotional jail that I call Excessive Personalization. This means that you are taking your fiance's erectile difficulties personally and bruising your self-esteem and psyche unnecessarily by thinking that his dysfunction... read more

Question: My Husband Always Talks about His Ex...

I’m sorry that your feelings are hurt.

The reason your feelings are hurt is because you are falling into what I call Excessive Personalization. How do I know this? When you say that you wonder if he respects your feelings, you interpret... read more

Question: Ended Relationship with a Married Man; Now I'm Second Guessing Myself

I do understand that you're second-guessing the way you ended it with him. Basically, you killed him off by texting a goodbye and then blocking his number. 

You ask if you did it the right way. Clearly, you were acting on the feeling of... read more

Question: Acquired Strong Feelings for Close Friends with Benefits - Need to Make a Decision

What a tangled web we weave!

This girl sounds confused to say the least. You're good enough to sleep with, but she's very picky about who she has a relationship with. Who are we kidding! 

This girl isn't clear on where she's coming... read more