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Question: Ready to Bite His Head Off

I understand your wish to bite his head off. But hang on, if he's headless you won't ever see any foreplay! Besides, your problem isn't lack of foreplay. . . it's lack of communication.

When you say, 'he isn't getting the hint', you're... read more

Question: Jealous Junky

There are lots of reasons why you might be hanging on to jealousy. To get past this problem you will have to admit to yourself that your jealousy is a smoke screen for fear: What are you afraid of? Getting dumped? Do you find yourself thinking, '... read more

Question: Sex Researcher

Definitely not! Sex drives vary from person to person. Some women have such strong sex drives, they could wear a callus on their mate's you know whats.

Question: Minute Maid

Ask your mate to prolong foreplay. Twenty to thirty minutes is average. Show him what stimulation pleases you, praise his efforts and practice what I call the 'My Lips are Sealed 'policy. Translation, don't give him the green light for... read more

Question: Sex Starved

You can't possibly understand why she refuses to have sex and that 's because you aren't a mind reader. The fact that she has had sex before but refuses to have sex anymore tells me that she's suffered some kind of trauma. Either she's been... read more