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Question: I Just Wish I Were Somebody Else

Yes, I am the same Dr. Love. I remember your writing to me over 10 years ago. I founded back in 1995, and it was the first relationship advice site. It's funny because last week I actually had the thought that I... read more

Question: What Can I Do to Convince Him I Love Him?

I am sick to hear what happened to you, just sick.

I know you asked me what you can do to get him to believe that you love him.

While I know you think this is the real issue that you need help with, I promise you it’s not.

My... read more

Question: Seeing 20+ Headlights Out Per Day While Driving for Years

This is a fascinating question!

I must say, discerning the meaning of the signs that we are sent from loved ones in spirit is often a challenging task!

For example, one of my callers at Hay House radio told me that a frog appeared... read more

Question: Hearing a Voice

I'm glad you asked this question.

It's funny, you originally titled your question: "Herring" a voice, as opposed to "Hearing" a voice, and it struck me as a funny typo since your question related to what you thought was a "red herring,"... read more

Question: Am I Giving This Too Much of my Attention?

You are such a dear and giving soul. It figures that you would think that asking such an important question regarding YOUR life and future is silly.  It's not silly at all.

Many women struggle with being too selfless and they tend to... read more

Question: Orally Frustrated

This is a hard topic to broach--if you’ll pardon my pun!

I couldn't help but notice the irony of how you signed the question: Jack!  Considering that you want to be permitted to "jack off" in her mouth. 

I'm bringing a little levity... read more

Question: What to Do in This Relationship?

My sense is that he's sniping at you as a way of keeping emotional distance. When he mad over small things, that's a smokescreen for what's really bothering him. In fact, it's a defense mechanism called Displacement, which consists of taking... read more

Question: Vacation Romance Crashed and Burned

I'm so sorry to hear about what happened. 

You know, I have often noticed that people who jump in too hard and fast often are fighting against their own fear of attachment. There's a defense mechanism called The Reaction Formation, in... read more

Question: Married Woman but Still Loving and Wants to Forget my Ex, Pls Help Save my Marriage

Your predicament comes from the fact that you've never fallen out of love with your ex.

You have a very strong positive memories related to your ex, and at the same time, you seem to dismiss how he... read more

Question: Advice

I'm wondering why you feel that you need to make all the moves? 

You say you're sure he's into you. And not a flirt. He says he loves you, calls you darling, says you'll marry one day... 

So why hasn't he put the moves on you?

... read more