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Question: Wanting a Tip for Your Tip

Thank you for your very clear description of the issue. I can imagine how stressful and distressing this issue is.

This is a complex issue that can be caused by physical and/or emotional factors.

On the physical front, you want to... read more

Question: The 22 Year-Old Male Virgin

Hi James,

I totally understand why you feel nervous.

I know that you are a wonderful guy.

Think about the meaning of the word "consummate" as in to consummate a relationship.

It means to bring... read more

Question: The Upper Hand

You were being selfish to his needs?

What about your need for respect and consideration?

When your friends say that you're being hypersensitive, your friends are actually attacking you, just the way he did.

His problem goes... read more

Question: Dating a Much Older Man

Wow. I got exhausted just reading your about your situation.

You say that your mistrust and jealousy of him created fighting, which turned him into an a-hole.

I think the problem is more... read more

Question: Help!

I do understand your torment.

Perhaps it will help you to know that you are comparing apples and oranges. 

You said yourself that what you had with this other guy “never amounted to a... read more

Question: Just Tell Me What to Do. I'M BEGGING

If you notice you began your letter saying that you know he likes you, but by the end of your letter you’re wondering if he doesn’t.

The fact that he has conversations that last for hours means that he does like you.

You said you... read more

Question: Unusual Fetish

 What a great question!

I can actually say that this is the first time that someone has posed this question to me here at!

A fetish or paraphilia (meaning outside normal love)... read more

Question: Is There Hope?

I read that you feel that it's your fault that you're alone. This word "fault" really caught my attention. I started reflecting on why you used this word and realized that this is coming from a very young place within yourself. I'm betting that... read more

Question: No Contact

The seed that is being planted is multi-fold.

First, when couples breakup it's because there has been a breakdown in communication. They have failed to understand each other's feelings... read more

Question: Communicating With My Father

What a great question.

I understand you miss your Dad, but the good news is that reconnecting with him is going to transform your missing and longing into the joy of reconnecting.

Your first question to me was how can... read more